CH. Aceca Solid Gold Easy Action for Lowenhohle, ShCM
CH. Alfross Grizina’s Idunna
CH. Amathus Bobby Jo
CH. Amathus One Special Guy
CH. Benellieson Friutful Fancy at Davenheath
CH. Brenaljay Much Later
CH. Brynarian Mauna Loa
CH. Cabandray Who’s Sorry Now
CH. Caliana Of New Wind for Lionslord
CH. Clunkamoor Diamond Geezer
CH. Clunkamoor Early Bird at Dacfolke
CH. Clunkamoor Last Word for Wasserhund, JW ShCM
CH. Clydebrae Rumour Has It

CH. Condalf Baldur – Breed Record Holder with 29 CCs

Ch. Condalf Baldur - Breed Record Holder with 29 CCs

CH. Condalf Candy Cane
CH. Condalf Cranberry Crisp
CH. Dacfolke Obie Odakota
CH. Dacfolke Xalbadora
CH. Davenheath Almost an Angel
CH. Davenheath Court Jester, JW ShCM
CH. Davenheath Forever Blue, JW ShCM
CH. Davenheath Dark Secret
CH. Debbolinby Got to be There at Vannroy
CH. Debbollinby Just a Rumour, JW ShCM
CH. Debbollinby Molly Malone
CH. Debbollinby Summer Breeze into Kitarn, JW ShCM
CH. Debbollinby Vogue for Lionslord
CH. Debbollinby Warrior Dancer at Davenheath, JW ShCM
CH. Didleo Starry Nights
CH. Engelben Each To His Own at Vannroy
CH. Engelben Fred In The Woods
CH. Euphrosin Anukis
CH. Grizzly v. Dreiburgenland
CH. Helkenna Travellers Joy from Arcanine, ShCM
CH. Icon of Kinglords z Leonkovho Raja for Jocolda, JW ShCM
CH. Jakamak Cool Hand Luke
CH. Jocolda Chie Mihara
CH. Jocolda Georgio
CH. Jocolda Jasper Conran for Vannroy
CH. Kinghern Colorado at Leotroy
CH. Kitarn Chutzpah of Tanyvska
CH. Kumamatata Awesome Boy for Lionslord
CH. Kwenobe Balfen Damalie to Clydebrae
CH. Kwenobe Balfen Hullanta, JW ShCM
CH. Landstryder Magic Man at Manorguard, ShCM
CH. Lempileijonan Itse Kateudenpoika
CH. Leosrus Baby Love for Kalizmar
CH. Leosrus One Moment in Time
CH. Lionkings Lionheart at Hillhaven
CH. Lionscourt Coeur De Lion of Brynarian
CH. Lionscourt Gaia, JW
CH. Lionslord Byzantia
CH. Lionslord Cradle of Light at Simberger
CH. Lionslord Destino La Luna
CH. Loveliens Nukva of Norris
CH. Mandazz Angelic Whisper, ShCM

CH. Manorguard Proud Mary – 1st UK Champion

Ch. Manorguard Proud Mary - 1st UK Champion

CH. Marymead Red October, ShCM
CH. Oldholbans Michigan
CH. Rua Soleil Mirage Across The Universe
CH. Saljay Don’t Look Back
CH. Skjaergaardens Iwazaru Speak No Evil
CH. Stormchaser Andalucia, JW

CH. Stormchaser Anoushka, JW – Joint Bitch CC Record Holder with 24 CCs

CH. Stormchaser Anoushka, JW - Joint Bitch CC Record Holder with 24 CCs

CH. Stormchaser Fallon, JW
CH. Stormchaser Soraya by Tanyvska
CH. Stormchaser Ta Pinu
CH. Stormchaser Zhivago’s Love, JW ShCM
CH. Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees
CH. Tarkaleoes Atlantic Maid at Kensalroag
CH. The One And Only Zielona Cieszynianka for Leosrus, JW

CH. Unikum Tigra iz Galinka Gnezda for Lionslord – Joint Bitch CC Record Holder with 24 CCs

Ch. Unikum Tigra Iz Galinka Gnezda for Lionslord - Joint Bitch CC Record Holder with 24 CCs

CH. Vannroy Asimodoxaros
CH. Vannroy Double Bluff at Dacfolke
CH. Vannroy Elite Edition for Clunkamoor
CH. Vannroy Helkenna Will Scarlet
CH. Vannroy Keep Sake to Mandazz
CH. Vannroy King Kelly, ShCM
CH. Vannroy Knitted y Nannas
CH. Vannroy My Way at Kitarn
CH. Vectiseleon Breaking News at Kensalroag
CH. Wilderings Play Boy for Condalf

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