Sunday 10 Novermber 2013 – Judged by Sarah Sevastopulo [Dogs] & John Feehan [Bitches]

Best in Show and Dog CC – Ch. Skjaergaardens Iwazaru Speak No Evil
Res BIS, BOS & Bitch CC – Ch. Dacfolke Xalbadora
Res Dog CC – Vannroy Knitted by Nannas
Res Bitch CC – Rekileijonan Hunaja-Pupu among Cleon
Best Veteran – Ch. Amathus Bobby Jo
Best Puppy – Skjaergaardens Dream A Dream At Xmas with Condalf
BOS Puppy – Saljay Mr Lover Man

Full results

Dogs – Judge Sarah Sevastopulo

Veteran Dog (6)
1st Ch. Amathus Bobby Jo
2nd Saljay Poker Playing Picolo
3rd Clunkamoor First Officer at Geshwind
Res Clunkamoor Free N Easy
VHC Rosnick Highflyer

Minor Puppy Dog (6)
1st Saljay Mr Lover Man
2nd Jantonely Mr Jack Daniels
3rd Midnight for Locksfield du Plateau Bavarois
Res Jantonely Northern Star over Beanpea
VHC Shaleodust Dancing Brave of Ralymin

Puppy Dog (4)
1st Dacfolke Vagabond
2nd Wolfen New Kid on the Block
3rd Kjalarnes Bradley Wiggins
Res Shaleodust Dancing Brave of Ralymin

Junior Dog (4)
1st Seaxa Nelson
2nd Wolfen Moonlight Express
3rd Kjalarnes Bradley Wiggins
Res Felix vom Nonnenwald

Yearling Dog (2)
1st Sandor vom Lowengarten for Benellieson
2nd Vectiseleon Dream Spirit

Novice Dog (1)
1st Duke Of Earl

Graduate Dog (3)
1st Shaleodust Could Be Magic at Dacfolke
2nd Satchmo vom Lowengarten mit Leonbeck
3rd Brynarian Takahara

Post Graduate Dog (8, 2ab)
1st Vannroy Knitted by Nannas
2nd Sancholees Monte Carlo
3rd Condalf Gob Stopper
Res Lionscourt Drake at Karysmhor
VHC Engelben Indiana Jones

Limit Dog (14, 5ab)
1st Sancholees Rio
2nd Vannroy Push the Button at Dacfolke
3rd Nahkolam Legend
Res Icon of Kinglords z Leonkovho Raja for Jocolda, JW
VHC Amandalone C’est la Vie

Open Dog (7, 1ab)
1st Ch. Skjaergaardens Iwazaru Speak No Evil
2nd Ch., Nor Ch. Condalf Baldur
3rd JSY Ch. Nahkolam Blue Water
Res Vannroy Double Bluff at Dacfolke
VHC Ch. Lionscourt Coeur de Lion of Brynarian

Bitches – Judge John Feehan

Veteran Bitch (9, 5ab)
1st Lionscourt Belisana
2nd Rossnick Diamond Lil
3rd Engelben Tounge In Cheek at Charmily
Res Debbollinby Shell Seeker

Minor Puppy Bitch (8)
1st Unikum Tigra is Galina Gnezda for Lionslord
2nd Jantonely Mahira Eva avec Shaleodust
3rd Vectiseleon Second to None
Res Vectiseleon Paws for Fort
VHC Jantonely Noble Saphira

Puppy Bitch (6)
1st Skjaergaardens Dream A Dream At Xmas with Condalf
2nd Unikum Tigra Is Galina Gnezda for Lionslord
3rd Dacfolke Velvet
Res Wolfen Northern Light
VHC Jantonely Mustang Sally

Junior Bitch (5, 1ab)
1st Clydebrae Ava Maria
2nd Jocolda Akiko
3rd Cleon Myzella Morganite at Jantonely
Res Bavaruki Kaldan Margaux

Yearling Bitch – no Entries

Novice Bitch (4, 1ab)
1st Condalf Cough Candy
2nd Bavaruki Ginky at Starlake
3rd Kjalarnes Easy To Love for Dragonsfield

Graduate Bitch (4, 1ab)
1st Rekileijonan Hunaja-Pupu among Cleon
2nd Stormchaser Arabia
3rd Kjalarnes Easy To Love for Dragonsfield

Post Grad Bitch (7, 3ab)
1st Vectiseleon Miss Behavin
2nd Condalf Bubbilicious
3rd Seaxa Kestrel of Locksfield
Res Engelben Inclination

Limit Bitch (9)
1st Kwenobe Zendi Yenta at Alfross
2nd The One and Only Zielona Ceisznianka for Leosrus
3rd Lionslord Distant Ecko
Res Dacfolke Xanthia
VHC Rossnick Ramalamadingdong

Open Bitch (8)
1st Ch. Dacfolke Xalbadora
2nd Ch. Stormchaser Fallon
3rd Simberger Maycas del Limari
Res Brenaljay Brief Encounter
VHC Ch. Brenaljay Much Later

Silver Anniversary Stakes – Judge Bill Crawley

Junior Dog
1st Jantonely Northern Star over Beanpea

Open Dog
1st Brynarian Takahara

Junior Bitch
1st Clydebrae Ava Maria

Open Bitch
1st Simberger Maycas del Limari
2nd Lionslord Cradle Of Light at Simberger