June 2015 – Judged by Clare Osborne [Dogs] & Ann Penny [Bitches]

Best Bitch and BIS: Brailsford’s Ch. Stormchaser Fallon
Res Best Bitch & RBIS: Hurren’s Jantonely Mahira Eva avec Shaleodust
Best Dog & Best Veteran: Lear-Schofield’s Kwenobe Balfen Chaska
Res Best Dog: Sevastopulo’s Ch. Oldholbans Michigan
Best Puppy: Holliday’s Lionslord Forget Me Not
Res Best Puppy: Brown’s Davenheath Feeling Lucky to Brenaljay

2015 Open Show - Reserve Best Bitch / RBiS

Reserve Best In Show / Reserve Best Bitch

2015 Open Show - Best Dog / Best Veteran In Show

Best Dog / Best Veteran in Show

2015 Open Show - Reserve Best Dog

Reserve Best Dog In Show

2015 Open Show - Best Puppy In Show

Best Puppy In Show

Full results

Dogs – Judge Clare Osborne

Veteran Dog (3, 2ab)
1st Kwenobe Balfen Chaska

Minor Puppy Dog (4)
1st Davenheath Feeling Lucky to Brenaljay
2nd Lionslord Full House
3rd Jantonely Pax Twizzle
4th Leosrus One Vision

Puppy Dog (no entries)

Junior Dog (5, 1ab)
1st Engelben Fred in the Woods
2nd Leosrus Endless Love
3rd Simden Frostbite
4th Bavaruki Kurudi Kushtea at Starlake

Graduate Dog (8, 1ab)
1st Seaxa Nelson
2nd Jantonely Mr Jack Daniels
3rd Lyonechka Of The Bernese Garden to Oldholbans
4th Midnight for Locksfield du Plateau Bavarois
5th Simden Frostbite

Post Grad Dog (5, 1ab)
1st Zuleona Super Royal of Tanyvska
2nd Duke Of Earl
3rd Jantonely Mr Jack Daniels
4th Dacfolke Takoda Tarvir at Kadenvar

Limit Dog (3, 1wd)
1st Sandor vom Lowengarten for Benellieson
2nd Debbollinby Angel Or Demon at Locksfield

Open (4, 1wd)
1st Ch. Oldholbans Michigan
2nd Ch. Vannroy Double Bluff at Dacfolke
3rd Wolfen Incantation by Tanyvska

Bitches – Judge Ann Penny

Veteran Bitch (4, 4ab)

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)
1st Lionslord Forget Me Not
2nd Leosrus Only You to Parowhite
3rd Jantonely Pinot Noir
4th Leosrus One To Remember
5th Akamai Days of Fun at Rossnick

Puppy Bitch (3, 1ab)
1st Leosrus Only You to Parowhite
2nd Akamai Days Of Fun at Rossnick

Junior Bitch (5, 1ab)
1st Simden Guardian Angel
2nd Simden Lost in France
3rd Leodonna Eternity Bedeburn

Graduate Bitch (5, 2ab)
1st Namupalan Princess Tiana
2nd Yakira Vom Jerichowerland
3rd Lionscourt Eternity

Post Grad Bitch (7, 1ab)
1st Jantonely Mahira Eva avec Shaleodust
2nd Jandika Blue Lady von der Aigner-Obermuhler
3rd Condalf Candy Cane
4th Alfross Luenta Gold Fenrir
5th Charmiley Magic Show

Limit Bitch (4)
1st Kwenobe Zendi Yenta at Alfross
2nd Seaxa Ice and Fire at Euphrosin
3rd Nagybobanya H’szeretet Elsa at Vinkasse
4th Medvebergi Maszkos Hajnal Nandobuxa in Pridesofelsa

Open Bitch (5, 2ab)
1st Ch. Stormchaser Fallon
2nd Brynarian Mauna Loa
3rd Ch. Rua Soleil Mirage Across The Universe


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