Sunday 09 November 2014 – Judged by Olli Kokkonen [Dogs] & Willi Gullix [Bitches]

Best in Show & Bitch CC – Newman & Hellewell’s Rua Soleil Mirage Across The Universe (Imp Rus)
Res BIS, BOS & Dog CC – Lewis & Rock’s Vectiseleon Dream Spirit
Res Dog CC – Sevastopulo’s Ch. Oldholbans Michigan
Res Bitch CC – McLintock’s Ch. Kwenobe Balfen Damalie to Clydebrae
Best Puppy in Show – Studholme & Elmorsy’s Leosrus Baby Love
Best Opposite Sex Puppy – Rushby’s Leosrus Endless Love
Best Veteran in Show – Thomas & Ball’s Ch. Amathus Bobby Jo
Best Opposite Sex Veteran – McLintock’s Ch. Kwenobe Balfen Damalie to Clydebrae
Best Breeder – Mrs. G. Smith

Full results

Dogs – Judge Olli Kokkonen

Veteran Dog (7, 2ab)
1st Ch. Amathus Bobby Jo
2nd Saljay Poker Playing Picolo
3rd Stormchaser Nijinsky
Res Kwenobe Balfen Chaska
VHC Alfross Aktiana Yngem

Minor Puppy Dog (6, 1ab)
1st Leosrus Endless Love
2nd Woolfen Ogaleesha avec Simberger
3rd I’m Big Bos v Leonhuuske
Res Bavaruki Kurudi Kushtea at Starlake
VHC Bavaruki Black Char

Puppy Dog (7, 1ab)
1st Simden Gros Bisou of Lowenhohole
2nd Simden Frostbite
3rd Lionscourt Eureka
Res Lionscourt Equinox
VHC Amathus I Predict A Riot

Junior Dog (13, 3ab)
1st Wilderings Playboy for Condalf
2nd Condalf Trick Or Treat
3rd Vannroy Asimodoxaros
Res Euphrosin Anukis
VHC Vannroy Asclepius at Parowhite

Yearling Dog (3)
1st Vectiseleon Breaking News at Kensalroag
2nd Jantonely Northern Star over Beenpea
3rd Midnight for Locksfield du Plateau Bavarois

Novice Dog (6)
1st Seaxa Nelson
2nd Jantonely Novilunio
3rd Vannroy Asclepius at Parowhite
Res Simden Frost Bite
VHC Dacfolke Takoda Tarvir at Kadenvar

Graduate Dog (4)
1st Satchmo vom Lowengarten mit Leonbeck
2nd Saljay Mr Lover Man
3rd Shaleodust Dancing Brave of Ralymin
Res Brynarian Takahara

Post Grad Dog (5, 1ab)
1st Vectiseleon Dream Spirit
2nd Condalf Gobstopper
3rd Sancholees Monte Carlo
Res Jantonely Mr Jack Daniels
VHC Shaleodust Dancing Brave of Ralymin

Limit Dog (9, 3ab)
1st Sandor vom Lowengarten for Benellieson
2nd Vannroy Push the Button at Dackfolke
3rd Vannroy Knitted by Nannas
Res Debbollinby Angel Or Demon at Locksfield
VHC Engelben Indiana Jones

Open Dog (5, 2ab)
1st Ch. Oldholbans Michigan
2nd Ch., Nor. Ch. Condalf Baldur
3rd Ch. Vannroy Double Bluff at Dacfolke

Bitches – Judge Willi Gullix

Veteran Bitch (12, 8ab)
1st Ch. Kwenobe Balfen Damalie to Clydebrae
2nd Benellieson Fruitful Fancy at Davenheath
3rd Lionscourt Belisana
Res Vectiseleon Calypso

Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 1ab)
1st Leosrus Baby Love
2nd I’m Mousie V Leonhuuske (Imp Ned)
3rd Bavaruki Oolong
Res Bavaruki Ku Ki Cha

Puppy Bitch (5, 2ab)
1st Lionscourt Etoile into Sionnarush
2nd Simden Lost In France

Junior Bitch (11)
1st Condalf Candy Cane
2nd Bavaruki Bronko Bloomer
3rd Vannroy Althena
Res Yakira vom Jerichowerland
VHC Carozza Dancing Queen for Gilvaris

Yearling Bitch (7, 1ab)
1st Namupalan Princess Tiana
2nd Belle Amie’s Blue Moon Vom Dreimadlhaus at Bavaruki (Imp Deu)
3rd Medvebergi Maskos Hajnal Nandobuxa in Pridesofelsa (Imp Hun)
Res Golden Marzena
VHC Jantonely Mahira Eva avec Shaleodust

Novice Bitch (2, 1w)
1st Love Song Ginger Heaven to Kensalroag (Imp Pol)

Graduate Bitch (1)
1st Starlake Capella

Post Grad Bitch (10, 4ab)
1st Starlake Capella
2nd Vannroy Re Peka
3rd Seaxa Ice And Fire at Euphrosin
Res Debbollinby Norma Jean at Amathus TAF
VHC Jocolda Akiko

Limit Bitch (13, 4ab)
1st Rua Soleil Mirage Across The Universe (Imp Russia)
2nd Engelben Inclination
3rd Dacfolke Evita
Res Condalf Bubbilicious
VHC Kwenobe Zendi Yenta at Alfross

Open Bitch (7, 2ab)
1st Ch. Stormchaser Fallon
2nd Coombevalley Elexus, ShCM
3rd Ch. Jocolda Chie Mihara
Res Ir. Ch. Bavaruki Just Gorgeous
VHC Rossnick Maserati

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