Illnesses and conditions

Summary of reported health conditions.


2012 In the past, information on the health of our UK Leonberger population has largely come from the voluntary return of health and “cause of death” forms. Most of these forms, (prior to the reformation of the HSC in 2008) were lost, along with the remainder of the Club’s health archive when the previous holder of this material refused to hand it back to the club.


In the 4 years since then, a small but steady flow of forms has been submitted by members. This year, the number of forms returned has reached a total of 100, and for the first time since the full 2003 LCGB health survey, we have gathered this data together to present to the membership.


A chart summarising this data has been prepared and is attached to this report. It shows the illnesses and conditions being reported, but is not in any way a prevalence study. In other words, the 51 cases of cancer reported in the 100 forms does not mean that 51 percent of Leonbergers will get cancer. It simply means that cancer was reported by the owners of 51 Leos.


Please remember that only illnesses and deaths are reported in these forms, and no data has been submitted on the many healthy and fit leonbergers enjoying their lives. It is also worth noting that the average age of the 15 Leonbergers reported as having died of old age was 11 years.