Working Results 2014


The Malanaar Water trophy this year goes to 3 newcomers with their youngsters:

Bronte (Julie Shepherd), Xena (Jane & Rick Waring) and Balloo (Lynn Crook). 

All 3 dogs were successful in passing Sections A & B in one test and I am sure that they will go far.


The Kinghern Special Achievement Award 

this year goes once again to Elizabeth McDougal’s Beannachd. You may recall that Beannachd is blind but this has not stopped this wonderful Leo leading a very active life. She is Elizabeth’s Advanced Obedience demonstration dog; she does Agility once a week and has won a 4th and a 5th at Agility competitions. Responding to voice control Beannachd happily exercises off-lead and even plays fetch and swims.  We hope that you will agree that this partnership is once again a very worthy recipient of this Kinghern Shield.