Leonberger Rescue & Welfare Information 


Leonberger Rescue & Welfare        (e-mail:  lcgbwelfare@aol.co.uk or phone: 07730888736)


Leonberger welfare has been organised to help Leos in need of rehoming or for giving support to their owners to care for them when necessary.



LCGB Welfare is here to help owners and Leos in the UK, whether it is just for some advice, behavioural issues or rehoming. Julie J, Penny, Julie H, Rachel, Russ and JoJo have been involved with Leos for many years and as such understand how difficult it can be to make the hard decision to rehome your family member. We as a team are here to help you with your decision, in both a caring and strictly confidential manner and to discuss with you which option will be the best decision all round both for you and your Leo.  There are several options that can be looked into:-


If it is a Behavioural issue, can this be dealt with at home working with you and the family so you may not have to rehome your Leonberger.


If your Leo has to be rehomed, we can rehome for you, and you sign the Leo over to LCGB Welfare


If you would like to rehome yourself we can provide details of people on the waiting list, and this would be a private arrangement between the two parties, and you would be responsible for doing your own home checks and make sure you are satisfied with the new home.


We always advise that you contact the Breeder and Stud Dog owner and see if they can help in the first instance, but you may not choose to do so, that is not a problem, we will respect this decision. 


If you decide to rehome then we will arrange for all documentation to be sent to you (Dogs Details, Relinquish Form)  to be completed and returned to us.  Once the dog is signed over to the LCGB Welfare you will no longer have any further claim on the dog. You can be assured that all homes will be vetted and home checked by one of our Area Co-ordinators before the dog is homed by us to a suitable home.  Every dog will have detailed paperwork and there will also be accountability for each dog through Welfare but all on a Strict Confidentiality basis.


On placement of a Leonberger we would invite you to contribute a suitable donation if possible, which should be sent to the Treasurer of the Club so we can continue to help other Welfare cases in the future.


We are also here to help potential new owners who would like to take a Leonberger into their homes, and if you are interested in doing this we ask that you fill in an Owners Questionnaire in as much detail as you can and either email to us, or post to the address at the bottom of the form. We will then speak to you further, arrange for a home check to be done and place you on our waiting list for a future Leonberger.  We also ask that if you are available for a Fostering that you also fill in the Questionnaire and return to us.


All the forms are on this page for you to download and look at also, or we can send directly to you for you to complete and return to us.


If you would like to speak to any of us then please contact us via email or mobile and we will happily discuss all the options with you or just provide you with advice.


Julie J, Penny, Julie H, Rachel

LCGB Rescue and Welfare team



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