Latest Successes by LCGB members and their Leonbergers

Alfross Good Citizens Awards

Alfross kapakira Kofel ( Roma ) passed Bronze GC 


 Alfross Kapuko Lunaeclipse ( Utika ) passed Silver GC , Handled by Nat Coxon (opposite)

Tula -  Alfross Kapuko Kalinda , passed Bronze GC at Darlington show , at 8 months , with Nat Coxon handling . (see photo below right)

Kodie - Alfross kapuko Utu Eclipse passed Bronze ( 6 months ) and Silver at 8 months , with James Schofield , (see photo below left)

Blue -  Alfross Kapuko Haruki  who passed Bronze at 8 months . (photo below middle)

kodie gd cit.jpg
3rd gd cit blue.jpg
more alfross gd cit.jpg
Tula bronze gd cit.jpg

Hudson : Gabriel - Hudson Leo Von Zarendorf (Imp Russ) 
won both his Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Awards 
at the City of Birmingham Champ Show this weekend (01/09). 
Good going as he's not yet 1 year old.
Owned and loved by Karen Wood

hudson gd cit.jpg
Nico for KCGdct.jpg

Nico passed  his

Good Citizens Bronze and Silver.

 He passed Bronze on 25 August 2018 and Silver on 1 September 2018.

Lionscourt Fortissimo Dejerri

handled by Ian

owned Ian Hutchinson and Helen Lester.

On Sunday 21st February 2016 Doris was, after two and a half years of training, a fully registered assistance dog!

Congratulations Doris and Owner Loz

Doris with her certificates and wearing her special coat

I am writing to inform you that my beautiful girl 'Gypsy' (Amandalone 'One of a Kind) passed her KCGC Gold Award on 16-12-2013.

Sue Thane


We are so very proud of our beautiful girl Sahara (Debbollinby Sanddancer) for passing her PAT dog assessment yesterday. She also passed her Kennel club Bronze good citizen award in the summer. Thank you to the lovely people from the Leo world that we are meeting and have as friends, we value your help, support and advice as RaRa is our first Leo and she is now just over 2 and a half years old and we got her when she was 6 months old. We have the pleasure of enjoying water rescue training, carting and now PAT visits that will mean her putting the smiles on the faces of many more people who meet her. We truly have been blessed with such an amazing, loyal, beautiful, kind and clever girl . JoJo Mears


Glenkays Master Quinnan


Bronze  14/02/07

Silver    13/02/2008

Gold      16/06/2010

Please could you add to the Gold Award the name of Seaxa Lucia ( Almond) who qualified on March 16th 2014. Yours, Gill and Rupert Green