Mortality Form


It is never easy to lose a beloved canine companion no matter what their age. At such a time it is hard to think beyond our own private grief, and yet there is something more that we would ask you to remember and that is how each beloved Leonberger is more than simply a much loved and missed individual; they are all a part of the breed that we all love and care passionately about. In order to help improve the lives of all Leos, we need to understand more about each and every one of them; what their health was like, what ailments they may have had, how long their lives were and what in the end brought their time to an endIf you were unfortunate enough to have lost one of your Leonbergers this year, we would ask you to please take a few moments to fill in details on the following form. In fact, it doesn't matter when your dog crossed over the rainbow bridge, if you have never filled in a form for them before, you can always do so now.With this information, the Club will be able to establish a more complete understanding about the health and longevity of our breed and, with the help of our breed geneticist, learn where we might better focus our efforts in the future. All forms returned will be treated in strictest confidence and the information supplied will be used solely for statistical purposes.Please return forms to the Club Secretary in an envelope clearly marked “for the attention of the Health Sub-Committee”.Thank You.