Over the years, the LCGB has tried to understand what illnesses affect our breed, how healthy they are and how long our Leos live on average? In the past we have had to mainly rely on word of mouth and anecdotal accounts to answer these questions.


In 2003, the LCGB did a health survey, and again in 2007 a survey of the health of our breed was done as part of the Kennel Club’s general all breed health study. While providing a valuable snapshot of the overall condition of our breed, these surveys only scratched the surface and relied on very low overall return rates of the survey forms.


For many years, the Club has also collected health forms returned by members, but these too have been few and far between and fail provide really firm answers. In order to get a clearer picture of the overall health and vitality of our breed, the LCGB Health Subcommittee will be launching a much more thorough analysis focusing on a pre-selected group of Leonbergers, whose owners volunteer to take part in a multi-year study. This sample group will be selected from a range of lines and will, as much as possible, be representative of the overall UK population.


Owners who volunteer to be a part of this important study will be contacted by a member of the HSC yearly by telephone and will be asked for specific updates on the health and wellbeing of their companions. Our aim is to be able track the health of this study population over the entire course of their lives, enabling us to get a much more complete understanding of medical histories and full life spans.


This will not take the place of individual health forms, which we will continue to encourage all owners to send in, but will run along side this and all the other methods of gathering data that we currently have. The LCGB invites our members to volunteer to be a part of this ambitious project.


If you have a young Leonberger, between the ages of 8 weeks and four years of age, and would be willing to be contacted by telephone once a year to update us on the health of your companion, please get in touch with a member of the Health Subcommittee for more details.


All information will be kept in complete confidence. No details of any individual dog’s condition will be published, nor will the names of participating owners. If you would like to help us learn more about the current health of our precious Leonbergers, please consider joining this important effort.


All it takes is a chat on the phone each year.

If you would like to find out more, please call: 

Madeleine Jephcott 01752 780555

Sharon Springel 01452 751196

Grant Saggers  01706 220292