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The below current available Litter(s) meet the LCGB Code of Ethics .


Non KC Registered Puppies


Occasionally you may see litters for sale that have not been registered or are not going to be registered with the kennel club. 

You may believe that because these litters are a fraction of the cost of a registered litter that you are going to 'bag a bargain'. 


The LCGB strongly advise against buying a puppy from an unregistered litter.Why are the puppies unregistered? There are a number of possible reasons, most of which relate to the health and welfare of the parents.


Examples include: the mother is too young or too old to have puppies. One or both of the parents have temperament problems.The mother has had a previous litter within 12 months or has had more than 4 litters. Either or both of the parents have restrictions to breeding imposed by their breeders. 


If either or both of the parents have restrictions this could mean that your potential puppy could develop or already have an hereditary condition. 

This could mean at best vet bills and at worst the premature death of your puppy.Still think you have bagged a bargain?




It has recently come to the attention of the Leonberger Club of Great Britain that some breeders (not necessarily members of the LCGB) have been demanding additional sums of money or rights to progeny born in exchange for lifting endorsements placed on the registration of puppies they have previously sold. We wish to state quite clearly that this is not considered normal practice and in the opinion of the LCGB is quite unreasonable and unfair. In addition we believe that it is the moral responsibility of the breeder to stay in contact with their puppy buyers, sharing new contact details as and when required should either party move house. It has become common practice for responsible breeders to place endorsements on the registration of their puppies prior to placing them in their new homes. Responsible breeders will put these restrictions in place to discourage careless breeding practices such as breeding from a dog or bitch that has not passed the proper health checks, or exporting their dogs aboard to countries where animal welfare practices do not meet high standards.


You can read more about endorsements at the Kennel Club's information site here:


It is vital that any breeder who places endorsements on their puppies bring this clearly to the puppy buyer's attention, in writing prior to sale, in an agreement signed by both parties, a copy of which should be given to the puppy buyer. It should be clearly stated whether or not the breeder would be willing to lift the endorsements, and under what circumstances. It is NOT generally accepted that a breeder should expect or require additional payment in cash or kind for this, or to place restrictions on future choices of breeding partners. The committee of the Leonberger Club of Great Britain



Last updated: 19.1.2021




​Please note that litter updates will be done as soon as possible.   Sometimes it is not possible to upload in less than 24 hours after you submit your litter, especially on weekends!   Please remember to provide all information on health for both Dam and Sire, including copies of: LPN1 Gene Test results, Hips, Elbows and Current Eye Certificates to the LCGB Secretary, Madeleine Jephcott.  We also prefer you to provide any titles that the sire or dam has as we do not have time to check this for each litter submitted.