LEMP stands for Leukoencephalomyelopathy.It is part of a group of neurological illnesses known as leukodystrophy. This very rare condition has been found in a very small handful of cases in Leonbergers around the world. This illness appears to be very similar to one found in Rottweilers. It’s first confirmed emergence in our breed was probably a cluster of cases in a Dutch litter in the late 1990s. Since then there have been less than a dozen suspected cases worldwide, with fewer than half of these confirmed by veterinary examination.Despite being very rare in our breed, the LCGB along with the International Leonberger Union are involved in efforts to monitor international Leonberger populations for further evidence of this condition, and in providing information and support where necessary to recognise cases where this condition may be present, and where it is not.

Further information, a list of symptoms, and a video clip of a confirmed case can be found on the ILU website here: