Health Help Information 




If you think that your dog is suffering from an illness the first thing to do is to seek veterinary advice.  However, sometimes having a dog diagnosed with a health condition can be a daunting prospect for the owner.  Information regarding veterinary treatment will of course come from your vet, but it is sometimes advice about living with the condition that other owners can help with, There’s lots of information available on the internet but this can be confusing and sometimes even frightening.  There is nothing like being able to discuss your worries and concerns with someone who has already experienced the same problems with their own dogs. 


Below are a list of owners who are happy to be contacted and will offer help and support with your dog’s illness/problem.  All are Leonberger owners who have some experience and knowledge of the illness/problem for which they have volunteered for and some have other knowledge in training/behaviour and bereavement counselling.  These owners are not medical experts and cannot give a diagnostic service or veterinary advice but may be able to offer practical tips regarding things like dietary advice, exercise, how to cope day to day with the diagnosed condition, where to go for other good sources of support etc.


The LCGB web site has a very comprehensive section regarding Health Problems effecting Leonbergers which we hope you will also find useful.  Listed below are club members who have kindly volunteered to put their names forward for other owners to be able to contact for advice and support.


Help and Support for Owners of Dogs with Health Problems


Allergies/Skin Conditions

Alison Stafford            07765 405577

Madeleine Jephcott     01752 780555


Anal Furnclulosis       

Penny Dabell               01782 503946

Madeleine Jephcott     01752 780555


Dilated Cardiomyopathey

Sharon Springel          01452 751196

Judith Dawe                01379 608719


Polyneuropathy (LPN) & Laryngeal Paralysis

Louise Baldwin          01794 340296

Sharon Springel          01452 751196



Louise Baldwin          01794 340296

Madeleine Jephcott    01752 780555



Gill Green                  01842 338355

Louise Baldwin          01794 340296


Cruciate and other joint/bone injuries

Louise Baldwin        01794 340296

Madeleine Jephcott   01752 780555



Elizabeth Macdougall 01415 332627


Training and Behaviour Problems 

Sheena Stebbing         07774 092593

Pam Smith