Anal Furunculosis


Anal furunculosis, also known as AF, is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease of dogs that results in ulceration and inflammation in the area surrounding the anus. In some cases, this can lead to deep channels of infection, called fistulous sinuses or tracts, that penetrate deeply into the tissues, causing great distress and systemic infection risk.


In the German Shephard Dog, this illness is considered to have an hereditary component. Research is currently underway to determine if this is also the case in the Leonberger Breed. To learn more about the illness, click above AF Seminar Link to review the Brian Catchpoles seminar. To find out how you can help in the research, see below for these details for AF submissions Information.


Anal Furunculosis Seminar DVD Now available from the LCGB Shop We are pleased to announce that the AF Seminar  is now available on DVD for purchase through the Club Shop. The DVD contains the morning presentations on AF Treatment and Management and The Genetics Behind AF.


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Our research is focussed on identifying genes involved in susceptibility to canine anal furunculosis. We have already identified one set of genes (called the Major Histocompatibility Complex) that are associated with susceptibility, but it is clear that there are other genes involved too.


This information was based on German Shepherd dogs, and it would be really interesting to see if the same association is seen in Leonbergers too.We have also performed a genome wide association study, and identified several other regions of the genome that are associated with anal furunculosis in GSD.


We now need to confirm these regions, and it would make the study much more powerful if we can confirm them in a second breed.All we need is a small amount of blood to extract DNA from. We would like 1ml of blood collected in an EDTA tube. It can then be posted (at room temperature) direct to me at the address below.Please also enclose the signed consent form plus the filled in AF phenotype form. Initially we would like as many cases as possible, plus any very close relatives that are unaffected.


We would also like 20-30 unaffected that do not have siblings or parents with the disease. But basically any samples will be welcome, so long as we can get the relevant information we need. If anyone has an affected dog that they have not brought to the event, please collect name and address and forward them to :


Jonathan Massey, who will send them a special saliva collection kit.


Similarly my colleague Jonathan, will send you some prepaid address forms, if you can tell him where to send them.

Many thanks,

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